foreign nurses in germany

For several years, we have supported foreign nurses in their professional and personal integration in Germany.  We know about the challenges newcomers face in a foreign country! Our work is guided by the principle of integration, which focuses holistically on the whole person.


Language courses

Language instruction for foreign nursing staff includes both general and specialized language modules and is oriented towards the individual needs of course participants. Focus is placed on communication in everyday life and at work. The language course supports participants in their linguistic and regional orientation in Germany. They will be able to communicate in German in their everyday and professional lives, both orally and in writing (as determined by context).


The curriculum includes a combination of the following topics and is adapted to the specific needs of course participants:


  • German for everyday and professional life with a focus on nursing German
  • Training of the 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
  • Phonetics training
  • Level-appropriate vocabulary and grammar work
  • Development of communication skills (oral and written)
  • Regional studies & cultural sensitization


Cultural and integration seminars for foreign nursing staff and current nursing facility staff 

Start Language Service supports you to work successfully in a multicultural team. We offer intercultural training, communication, and integration seminars tailored to nursing homes. We sensitize staff to each other’s respective cultures and offer approaches and solutions to successful long-term work in a multicultural team.


Success in the care sector – training for the recognition of international degrees in the care sector.


Have you completed your training as a nursing specialist or your Bachelor of Science in Nursing outside of the European Union?


Then take part in our certified group trainings for international nursing staff from third countries! These trainings can be funded by the Federal Employment Agency. We will gladly support you in applying for these government subsidies!


We support foreign nurses who have completed their training in a third country to obtain recognition as a nursing professional in Germany, and also support their private and professional integration.


Do you have questions or need a quote? Please contact us by email – we look forward to hearing from you.