Recognition as a nursing professional



recognition as a nursing professional

Have you completed your training in healthcare, for example as a nurse, outside of Europe, and now need support in obtaining recognition as a nursing professional? Do you receive state benefits (ALG I/ALG II) and need help finding a job, or you are looking for a new career path? Startcon GmbH is an AZAV-certified educational institution and carries out various training programs for professional integration. Your professional and personal success on the German job market is our goal!

The costs for our training programs are covered by the Job Center and the Federal Employment Agency. Even if you do not receive state benefits, you can always participate in our individual training programs. Write to us and we will send you a customized offer.


Fit for the German job market

Do you receive state benefits and are looking for a job, or would you like to reorient yourself professionally? Then take part in our certified individual training programs!

We support recipients of state benefits with a migration background in their job search, or, if necessary, in the search for a suitable trainee position.

Together, we evaluate your foreign qualifications, professional requirements, and personal situation as they relate to finding employment or training opportunities in Germany. We help with the recognition of your foreign qualifications and accompany you during your integration into the German job market through an individual program tailored to your needs.


Course details

  • Duration: A total of 80 lessons (lessons take place at least twice a week).
  • Start: Anytime! Classes can begin as soon as you have received your AVGS (activation and placement voucher) from the Job Center or the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Content: Lessons are adapted to your personal learning goals (job-related German language training, job application coaching, analysis of your potential, intercultural training, self-marketing, etc.).
  • Costs: None. This program is free of charge for you. You just need an AVGS (activation and placement voucher) from the job center or employment office.
  • Location: The lessons take place in Berlin Schöneberg.


Conditions for participation

  • German language skills: at least A2/B1
  • Valid AVGS (activation and placement voucher for training for activation and professional integration according to §16 Abs. 1 SGB II in connection with §45 Abs. 1 sentence 1 No. 1 SGB III”). You can obtain the AVGS as a beneficiary from your personal case manager (Jobcenter/Federal Employment Agency)


Successful in the health and care sector – training programs for the recognition of international degrees in the health and care sector.

Have you completed training as a nursing specialist, or have you received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing outside the European Union?

If so, we invite you to take part in our certified group trainings for international nursing staff!

We support nurses who have completed their education in a third country to obtain recognition as a nursing professional in Germany, and we also provide private and professional integration services.


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